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When seconds mean millions

The orange on black interface may look like an echo of the past, but for 325,000 subscribers with the highest demands for financial research and analysis, Bloomberg Terminal is a window into the future.

The Terminal serves up 60 billion pieces of market information a day via a dedicated network and custom interface that's so fast, it feels like "a mocked-up simulation." With hundreds of curated data sets available for visualization, styling, and analysis, users can answer detailed queries and understand geospatial relationships to gain deep insight in seconds.

Want to know what’s coming into the Port of Rotterdam next week? Pull up the position of every ship in the world, filter by destination, speed, and cargo. Want to understand Harley Davidson exports, or the geographic distribution of US income tax returns above the median? It’s here.

Map: Michael McDonough
Map: Michael McDonough

See which businesses might be impacted by the path of current hurricanes or utility company blackouts. Visualize climate related risks and opportunities, by overlaying financial data with real-time weather, and environmental data sets from the World Bank, World Resource Institute, US Geological Survey, or compare tanker traffic to global fishing data from Global Fishing Watch. It’s the world of financial data, at your fingertips.

Map: Bloomberg
Storm map and PG&E map: Bobby Shackleton
Map: Bobby Shackelton

Maps feature data from Mapbox and OpenStreetMap and their data partners.