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Fish Brain(フィッシュブレイン)

There’s plenty of fish in the sea. Now you can find them.

Over seven million anglers use Fishbrain to map fishing spots, show off their catches, get weather forecasts, and share their favorite tips and tricks. Fishbrain’s explore map allows a user to discover fishing locations near by and far away. More importantly, anglers can see the exact catch position of fish, with custom data-driven icons that show how long it’s been since the last catch.  For premium anglers, Fishbrain takes them to new depths with our bathymetry data. It truly helps anglers catch more fish — and when they do they can show it off to their friends on the Fishbrain network.

Fishbrain for iOS
Fishbrain for iOS
Maps feature data from Mapbox and OpenStreetMap and their data partners.