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Lonely planet(ロンリープラネット)

Travel like a local wherever you go

In 1973, Lonely Planet made their first map — by hand. Founders Tony and Maureen Wheeler plotted, traced, and glued the map together at their kitchen table. Over 40+ years, Lonely Planet moved their maps off the kitchen table and into mobile apps. Using Mapbox, Lonely Planet brings the same level of hand-crafted care to every map they make.

Lonely Planet uses Mapbox’s platform to help travelers discover where to go by plotting areas of interest in the Trips App. When they find the spot they’re looking for, travelers will know exactly how get there using the Guides App.

Lonelyplanet.com main page
Trips by Lonely Planet app for iOS
City Guides by Lonely Planet app for iOS
Maps feature data from Mapbox and OpenStreetMap and their data partners.